School of Havoc Art Gallery

The Reaper

By @LaysFarra

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Ivy Klein – Black form

By @thebloodtypeV

Ivy penultimate draft

Ivy Klein – Red Form

By thebloodtypeV

ivy klein red form_fullbg.png

Coco Roe – Red Form

By @MelissaLiTian

Coco Red form Finished

Coco Roe – Black Form

By @MelissaLiTian


Clover Lie – Red Form

By @seikatattoo

Clover by Seikatattoo.png

Clover Lie – Black Form

By @seikatattoo

Black Clover by Seikatattoo.png

Regina Drisby – Red Form

By @LaysFarra

Regina Passion finished


Regina Drisby – Black Form

By @LaysFarra

Regina noir finished


Queen and Joker

By @seikatattoo

valentines clover & regina.png


Worth a Thousand Words

By @piantab



Long Way from Home

By @largeskeleton

Minerva largeskeleton

Brave Veronica

By @jessu_uu

Veronica Gun.png


Chroma & Mona

By @ChuraGhost (Drawn and designed by them, adopted by me)

chroma and mona.png


Pestle and Mortar?

By @ChuraGhost



Author: havocmantis

I am Havoc Mantis, Skullmaster (like a headmaster but spookier) of The School of Havoc. I am a scholar of mathematics, mysticism, and memes, as well as the intersection of all three.

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