The Reaper’s Handbook

Deep within The School of Havoc’s Library, in the most dimly lit corner of the most forbidden section, lies the crown jewel of the Library’s collection: The Reaper’s Handbook. The tome, which was found by The Skullmaster shortly after his death and subsequent reanimation, appears to be something of an employee manual for “Reapers”, spirits which allegedly facilitate the deaths of mortals. Penned by none other than the three Greek Sisters of Fate themselves, it offers unparalleled insight into the functioning of The Greek Underworld. As a reference text, it is not necessary to read its pages in the order they were translated; however, aspiring scholars are recommended to read the first few sections, at least up to Personnel Files: The Moirai, before skipping ahead, as the first few sections provide important context for the rest of the book.

The School of Havoc apologizes for the unusual formatting of The Reaper’s Handbook. Based on the book, it seems likely that Lachesis was responsible for the overly grim color scheme.


Author: havocmantis

I am Havoc Mantis, Skullmaster (like a headmaster but spookier) of The School of Havoc. I am a scholar of mathematics, mysticism, and memes, as well as the intersection of all three.

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